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Committee meeting 10-3-2009

Minutes of Chilbolton Players Committee meeting held on Tesday,

10th March, 2009 at 8.00 p.m. at Charlcott, Branksome Avenue, Chilbolton.

Present: Maggie Duffy, Andrew Coombes, Dave Walton, Angela Budd,

Sue Austin, Richard Richardson, Jim Dunne, Andy Hawke, Wendy


  1. Apologies – Jennie Pope.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting on 18th December 2008 were agreed.

  1. Matters arising –

(1) It was decided that from now on a record would be kept of the

dates booked for the village hall. Richard to liaise with the

present Director of each production before booking. Copy of

dates booked to be sent to Angie and Maggie. Angie needs to

know if meeting has not taken place. Richard informed the

Committee that the booking lady is invoicing every quarter.

Richard to find out what notice is required to cancel booking.

4. Treasurer’s Report - Balance at 17th February 2009 £4037.91

Cheques to clear at 10th March £1,206.58

Paid in 25/2 £3,204.59

Toad takings £3,512.45

Expenses £2,451.88

Expenses still to come for part of hall hire and programme printing.

Income still to come – sponsorship from Ian Walker and

Stockbridge Dentist.

Posh Frocks - Income £410.00

Expenses £436.08

Loss £26.08

Angie said the Auditor prefers money to come in then the expenses

paid out by cheque book.

Pam has old accounts and Angie will get them from her.

Angie informed Committee that the Public Liability needs re-doing.

Maggie agreed for Angie to renew it. Jim requested to look at policy

Maggie thanked Angie for dealing with the money for Toad.

5. Toad – Note from Jennie and Mandy – Please see attached.

The Committee all agreed it was a great success.

Costumes – It would be helpful if the costume lady plus helpers

could take care of most costumes possible so the cast are not put

under too much pressure to find lots of things. This is especially

difficult if a whole family are in the production.

Raffle -Wendy said that she thought the new way worked but a lot of

people only bought one strip. Profit was a bit dependent on sponsors

and donations plus generous village residents. Not very difficult to do

but could have done with two more prizes.

Thanks to Maggie for inviting BOAZ and Enham. Richard suggested

that senior citizens be offered reduced rate tickets for the Thursday

performances. To be discussed before the next production.

Posh frocks – Note from Jennie and Jolyon – Please see attached.

The Committee felt that the new way was a success. Thanks to Jennie

and Jolyon for a great evening enjoyed by all.

  1. Future dates –

4th June, 2009 - A.G.M 8.00p.m.

3rd or 10th July, 2009 - BBQ at Digby Croft – Richard and

Debbie – Date to be confirmed.

18th and 19th September

2009 - Alan Ayckbourn’s “Confusions”

Maggie and Nicky.

7. Programme for the next 18 months/2 years.

Wendy mentioned the Village Hall 10th Anniversary on the 24th

September. It has been suggested that all the village groups might

like to join together and do some sort of celebration. The Committee

decided we would be willing to offer the Wednesday evening of the 23rd, after our production, but agreed it was not a good idea to have the actual celebrations with our performances on the 18th and 19th.

We would be willing to help in some way.

February 2010 half term – Pantomime. Angie and Sue to direct. It was agreed by the Committee, that perhaps,

we would put on a Panto every three years.

Summer 2010 - Murder Mystery by Andrew Coombes.

Pre Christmas 2010 - Some sort of Production last week in


May 2010 - Plays (two middle weekends).

8. Health and Safety issue brought up by Jill Maynard -

Jill pointed out that there should be a register of people attending

rehearsal evenings in case of fire etc. Players must sign in at the start of each rehearsal. Maggie to organize.

9. Any other business -

(1) Maggie suggested it would be nice to organize a trip to see “Blithe Spirit” which is on at the Haymarket during the 10th to 20th June. Maggie to book 20 tickets for the 12th June.

  1. Nigel Munns asked Committee, would we like to offer to do a short act in someone’s house for the “Auction of Promises”.

The Committee decided it was not an easy thing to do so it

was decided to offer two free tickets plus a bottle of wine for

our next production instead.

  1. Gilly has given Maggie some photos of past productions. It was suggested that we should start collating photos of past

Productions. Maggie to collect and collate.

(4) Toad – Players to view video – Andrew to ask the Lampards if

we can have a showing at their place as in the past.

(5) Wendy informed the Committee that a friend of hers has two

fifties outfits for the players. Thank you Wendy.

(6) Richard – A lady rang him from Stockbridge Scouts asking

if any of us would like to take part in a “Murder Mystery” fund

raising evening on the 25th April. Players to be told.

  1. Andrew may change website to google to make things easier.

(8) Gilly and Dave will be away for the next production in 2010.

Dave would like to have a DVD of Toad. Andrew will do a

copy for him.

Den and Ian should receive a thank you for all their help.

Maggie to write letter.

(9) Stockbridge Players – Production outside during 3rd week of


(10) Jim is bringing a long two new members, George and Carol, to

next Wednesday meeting.

  1. Maggie is having a meeting with Jim and Mr. Bliss. There is

enough money for stage and gantry but not for the curtains.

They would like us to finance them but they will be owned by

the Village Hall. Maggie to get quote for curtains.

  1. Sound System – Jim detailed what the system is like. A

Meeting is to take place with Martin Gosling, a Sound System


(13) Wendy is now secretary of the Village Hall Committee.

Next meeting will be held at Jim Dunne’s house, Littlemead, Station Road. Date to follow.

Comments from Jennie and Mandy for Committee meeting re: Toad.

  1. It would be difficult to have two people directing if they both had differing ideas about how the final production should look. We really ended up as a director and stage manager which worked really well.

  2. Advertising and promotion of the show is vital for both monetary and moral points of view.

  3. A serious commitment has to be made with an understanding of the number of hours that it will take to organise the whole thing before taking on the task!!

  4. We would not have been able to paint all the scenery in the last few weeks of the production. Not only was the weather heavily against us, but also we just would not have had the time. Doing it slowly over the summer and autumn was much less stressful.

  5. A good wardrobe mistress and make up artist (not as important for a normal production) are essential.

  6. Trying to get people to learn their lines in plenty of time is very difficult. The “acting “ part can really only begin when everyone is familiar with the words – suggesting no scripts for the first half straight away was a good start.

Jennie also said the following –

I will be very interested to hear what the final outcome has been on the money front (especially with the raffle). If Toad did not make a good profit, then we need to have a very serious think about where we are going wrong. There were a few comments overheard that the ticket price was quite cheap. Also might suggest an OAP special price on the most difficult night to sell.

Comments from Jolyon and Jennie for Committee meeting re: Posh Frocks.

Jolyon and I thought that it was a great success. From our point of view, it was a lot less work without having to move all those tables and chairs, and the £10

Covered the cost of the meal and the sparkling wine with lots left over. What we liked was:

  1. The idea of having three courses, canapés at home, main course at the

Pub and pud back at home, which cut down on the drinking time in the

Pub (expensive). They wanted to do a buffet of mixed food, but I

think the curry was a great success.

2. Ian being able to turn our conservatory into a really good disco with no

charge at all.

3. Everyone turning up to help wash and clear up on the Sunday morning.

Only thing I would suggest for the next time is that we pass a hat around for a tip in the pub. They charged £8.50 a head (I know they charged for one too many) but they got just that, and not a penny more!