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Commitee Meeting 15-5-2009

The next Committee meeting will be held on Friday, 15th May 2009 at 8.00 p.m. at Littlemead, Station Road, Chilbolton.


  1. Apologies.
  2. Minutes of last meeting.
  3. Matters arising.
  4. Treasurer's Report.
  5. AGM details and procedures.
  6. BBQ - date and venue.
  7. Official opening of the new stage.
  8. Any other business.
  9. Date of next meeting.


Present: Maggie Duffy, Andrew Coombes, Richard Richardson, Jim Dunne, Dave Walton,Wendy Andrews, Jennie Pope

  1. Apologies: Andy Hawke, Angie Budd, Sue Austin

  2. Minutes of the last meeting on 10th March were agreed:

  3. Matters arising:

    1. (Point 7 in minutes) It was agreed that the 10th Anniversary of the village hall would not be on the 18/19th September.

    2. (Point 8 in minutes) Signing in book for members. This has not been implemented for adults, it would be a good idea for when children, or larger casts are involved.

    3. (Point 9(2) in minutes) The Auction of Promises offer was not offered.

    4. (Point 9(4) in minutes) The video was shown in the Abbots Mitre with a fish and chip supper.

    5. (Point 9(8) in minutes) Den and Ian received a "Thank you" for their help with the Toad production.

    6. (point 9(11) in minutes) Maggie to discuss the curtains in a later point.

    7. (point 6 in minutes) AGM should read 3rd June 2009 at 8.00p.m.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: The Accounts are with Ian Brain being audited. The profit for “The Wind in the Willows” may be only £500 after expenses for hiring the Village Hall. The Committee agreed a monthly statement from the Village Hall would be much more acceptable. The account should be detailed. Richard suggested that the cost of the tickets should be more, perhaps £10. Wendy is to ask the Village Hall to give us an itemized bill. Maggie, Richard and Angie will meet after the AGM to decide how much to pay the Village Hall.

On the 24th April there was £5,850.83 in the bank, and £19.17 petty cash.

  1. AGM details and procedures: Jim Duffy returned the Insurance details. He concluded we are over insured due to inflation of the Premium. The new committee will need to look at this as soon as possible. An invitation needs to be sent to every member with a form for members who wish to stand for office. New subs will need to be colledted from then. All the Committee retire at the AGM, and a temporary Chairperson should chair the meeting. The election of a new Chair and 9 other members is then carried out.

  2. BBQ Date and Venue: Richard and Debbie offered to host the event, but it was felt that they might not have enough room. Sally and Andy Hawke offered the 18th July, but this is not suitable, so 11th July has been decided on. Nicki and Ian will supply the tent, further details to be agreed at a later date.

  3. Official opening of the new stage: No date has been agreed. After the production on the 18/19th September, the players have been asked to do some small sketch. This was discussed, but no conclusion was reached. The quote for the new curtains is for just under £4,500 minus the new curtain track – they will take 2-3 weeks to make. They are to be asked to come and measure up, but it was felt that the gantry may need to be in place first. It was agreed that although we would be prepared to pay for the back and flats curtains, they will be the property of the Village Hall. There was discussion about the colour of the carpet that will be on the stage.

  4. Any other business: Dave asked about scenery for Confusions. It was agreed to have a meeting on 27th May for Props review. Angie will continue to be the Treasurer for one more year. There has been a letter from the Village Hall Committee regarding storage. It was agreed to do Confusions on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. There was a vote of thanks to Maggie.

  5. Date of next meeting: AGM on 3rd June 2009 at 8.00p.m. in the Durnford Room of the Village Hall.

  6. Jim was thanked for hosting the meeting.