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Winter Newsletter 2009

Chilbolton Players Winter 2009 Newsletter


A Merry Christmas and a happy new year

to all the players from the Committee.


Skittles 28th November

The Players had a great time playing skittles at the Village Hall. Nearly 50 turned up to enjoy a superb chilli prepared by Sue, Angie and Fi, finished off by a whole range of sweets brought along by other group members.

For the first game - 24 a side, 3 goes each - Team A gallantly stepped back and let Team B win (by 34 points - ouch!). This was followed by a game of Killer. This certainly confirmed we have some competitive people! Despite some great bowling, Amy was on a roll and Jolyon showed what determination can do, practice won out and Richard of short mat bowls fame won the tin of chocolates.

It was a great evening, earning it's place on our calendar of social events and enjoyed by all.

Stage Update

The stage committee had hoped to have the stage taken over and in full operation by now. However due to late completion of the building work and an accident during software trials delays have been incurred. LTL fitted a new encoder on one of the screws and completed the software when access could be gained. This work will continue as possible up to the Pre-School Holiday but it is unlikely we can get the full day necessary for the software setup before then. In the meantime PauL L-B will deploy and stow the stage for rehearsals.

Jim Dunne


Posh Frocks


Andy and Sally Hawke have kindly offered to host the annual posh frocks on Saturday 30th January. Watch out for further information in the new year.


Spring Production

The Wizard of Oz - 18th/19th/20th February 2010


  • Directed by : Sue Austin and Angie Budd
  • Last rehearsal before Christmas 16th December.
  • December 23rd will be Chilbolton Players pub night.
  • Return in New Year on 6th Jan with no scripts.

After hard decision making when casting we feel that everyone was well placed and rehearsals are coming along. We are beginning to see signs of wonderful characters and David loves his high heels! Our new stage manager, Ed, is very enthusiastic and the scenery is well under way and looking marvellous. Helen, our wardrobe mistress, has some great ideas and along with her happy band of helpers the ideas are coming to life. However if anyone else is willing to do some sewing your help will be gratefully received. Props, Sound and Lighting & Make-up are all in hand.

There are still a few jobs that we need volunteers for - props helper, runner, curtain puller, please let either of us know if you know someone who will be willing and able!!

We look forward to a successful and enjoyable production. Sue & Angie

Sue & Angie

PS Happy Christmas from us both - Don’t forget scripts down by the 6th January 2010!!!


Other Future Dates

·         Summer 2010 - Murder Mystery.

·         Pre Christmas 2010 - "it's a thesp out" an acting competition for local drama groups.