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posted 19 Jan 2010, 12:25 by Chilbolton Players

The Players had a great time on Saturday (28/11/09) playing skittles at the Village Hall. Nearly 50 turned up to enjoy a superb chilli prepared by Sue, Angie and Fi, finished off by a whole range of sweets brought along by other group members.

For the first game - 24 a side, 3 goes each - Team A gallantly stepped back and let Team B win (by 34 points - ouch!). This was followed by a game of Killer. This certainly confirmed we have some competitive people! Despite some great bowling, Amy was on a roll and Jolyon showed what determination can do, practice won out and Richard of short mat bowls fame won the tin of chocolates.

It was a great evening, earning it's place on our calendar of social events and enjoyed by all.