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Newsletter Autumn '08

posted 1 Mar 2009, 05:12 by Chilbolton Players   [ updated 1 Mar 2009, 05:15 ]
Hope you have all had an enjoyable summer and are looking forward to our next big production “Toad of Toad Hall”.

New Stage

The design for the new stage has been approved and LTL, the local company, have the order. Grants have been received from the following bodies:-
  • Hampshire County Council £ 10,548.00
  • Test Valley Borough Council £ 15,973.00
  • Chilbolton Parish Council £ 5,320.00
As an organization we may have to do some fundraising ourselves as the lighting and curtain gantry have yet to be agreed and costed. We have already had some personal donations, which will certainly be put to good use.

More news as and when we have some!

Future events for your diary

28th and 29th November, 2008 – Stockbridge Drama Group’s production. Stockbridge Players were very pleased to hear that we wish to take part. Maggie is awaiting more details on what time we will be allocated. We will then be able to decide whether we are able to perform one or two sketches. We will inform you as soon as possible.

17th December, 2008 – This will be our last rehearsal before Christmas. As in past years we will be having a party for the younger members of our group.

19th December, 2008 – Everyone in the players is invited to the Abbotts Mitre for drinks from 8.00 onwards. We look forward to seeing as many members as possible.

16th January, 2009 - “Posh Frocks” – Once again Jennie and Jolyon have kindly agreed to host this social occasion. Thank you Jennie and Jolyon.

19th, 20th & 21st February, 2008 plus Saturday matinee – Next production “Toad of Toad Hall”. Rehearsals are well on their way.

7th March, 2008 (possible date) – Skittles Evening – It has been decided to postpone the Skittles evening until after our next production.

Christmas Production – This now has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the workload already planned for the Players. Hopefully we will be able to plan something in the future.