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Confusions Rehearsal Schedule

posted 16 Apr 2009, 12:09 by Chilbolton Players   [ updated 17 Apr 2009, 14:05 ]

These are the rehearsal dates in the village hall, planned as far as possible round the holiday dates received so far .Please feel free to organise extra rehearsals with your groups to suit you. We shall always need extra people at hall rehearsals to cover for unexpected absences and read parts – and just to watch and to chat over our cups of coffee!!

April 22nd Talk in the Park, Mother Figure, Gosforth's Fete

April 29th Mother Figure, Gosforth's Fete

May 6th Drinking Companions, Between Mouthfuls

May 13th All 5 plays

May 20th Nicki and Maggie away but hall booked for own rehearsals


June 3rd AGM 8pm in Durnford room

June 10th Talk in the Park, Mother Figure, Drinking Companions, Between Mouthfuls

June 17th All 5 plays

June 24th All 5 plays

July 1st Talk in the Park, Mother Figure, Drinking Companions, Gosforth's Fete

July 8th Talk in the Park, Mother Figure, Between Mouthfuls, Gosforth's Fete

July 15th All 5 plays NO SCRIPTS

July 22nd All 5 plays

July 29th All 5 plays

August 5th Mother Figure, Gosforth's Fete. Between Mouthfuls

August 12th All except Gosforth's Fete

August 19th All 5 plays

August 26th All 5 plays

September 2nd All 5 plays

September 9th All 5 plays

September 12th pm Setting up of stage – curtains , lights etc

September 13th 2pm – full dress rehearsal

September 14th Full dress rehearsal

September 16th Full rehearsal

September 17th Technical rehearsal

September 18th PRODUCTION

September 19th PRODUCTION

September 20th The hall is in use from 10am so everything needs to be cleared on the Saturday evening after the show. There will be a post production get together/ lunch at Nicki’s on Sunday late morning onwards. Details later.