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Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

posted 1 Dec 2009, 13:30 by Chalkdell Cottage   [ updated 22 Jan 2010, 02:34 by Chilbolton Players ]

Chilbolton Players Present


by Alan Ayckbourn

R E V I E W  B E L O W

On the new stage at Chilbolton Village Hall

17th, 18th and 19th September at 7.30pm

Licensed bar from 7.00pm

Tickets: £7.00 from
Richard Richardson
Tel: 01264 861082
The Chilbolton Village Stores & PO
Five people meet in the park and talk about life.
Lucy spends so much time at home with the kids, that she treats everyone - even the next-door neighbours - like children.
Her wayward salesman husband, Harry, is far away in an hotel, and has other things on his mind - namely, the charms of Paula and Bernice.
Their waiter also has other concerns – mainly the rapidly deteriorating relationships of diners Polly and Martin, and Mr and Mrs Pearce.
Finally Mrs Pearce is invited to open a village fete - but can't possibly have any inkling of the mayhem which is about to ensue.
“Confusions” is a set of five short plays, sometimes tragedy, sometimes comedy, but all with Ayckbourn’s sharp and witty view on life.
Review by Will Rudd-Clark  

On the 17th of September I was invited to go and watch a local play called Confusions. Confusions is a series of five short plays which depicts comedy, anger and the everyday trials and tribulations that life brings. The first play shows five people on park benches relentlessly hassling each other with their own problems. It effectively shows how many people in the world are reluctant to interact friendly with each other. The second play really speaks to mothers around the world. In this section Lucy has been spending so much time at home with her kids that she is treating everyone like children, even her next door neighbours! This shows the importance of loving and caring for your children, but also respecting others around you. This second set is linked very effectively with the third which shows Harry (Lucy’s husband), far away in a hotel trying desperately to chat up Paula and Bernice. This set was extremely funny and yet at the same time retained the message that people must stay loyal to the ones they love. The fourth play used some very effective acting techniques to tell the tale of two couples with some serious relationship issues. The waiter interacts with both couples separately and brings a lot of comedy to the play with his badly timed dinner suggestions. In the fifth and final play Mrs Pierce is invited to open a village fete, which sounds simple enough. Yet no-one was aware that so many things could go wrong all at once. It ends with Mrs Pierce getting electrocuted, the scout master getting drunk, the tea urn going berserk and the vast majority of scouts being injured by scaffolding. This was the most hilarious end to a play I have ever witnessed and left me with a smile on my face for many hours after. All in all Confusions was a very entertaining play and I am sure Alan Ayckbourn is very proud of the Chilbolton Players for such fine acting. I recommend confusions to everyone; it gives you hours of entertainment and laughter.