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Chilbolton Church Fete

posted 1 Mar 2009, 05:11 by Chilbolton Players   [ updated 1 Mar 2009, 05:11 ]
Saturday 21st June, weather forecast - rain, must be the Fete! What a great day we all had - and did it rain? well, a couple of drops but not so as to dampen anybody's spirits (or the Pimms!).

Not missing the chance the Chilbolton Players put on a quick skit, brilliantly penned and narrated by Maggie. The scene was the court of Sir Hubert de Roche (Mike), where he, his gracious wife (Judi) and courtiers (Laura and Annette) were receiving various serfs with their annual rent, and dispensing justice. For court entertainment Sir Prance-a-lot and Lady Guinnivere transformed into the Magical Maharajah of Madras (Terry) and his lovely assistant, the beautiful Princess Prada (Fiona). The trick was to remove the shirts (and other assorted undergarments) from a couple of onlookers (David and Mandy) having only undone the cuffs and collar buttons!! Performed with much concentration and aplomb this was loudly appreciated by the crowd. Earlier three local ladies (Amy, Sue and Angie) had apprehended Wilf the Pilferer (Nigel), who had allegedly stolen a purse (from Jilly). Brought before the court the sentence was a hard days labour in the fields OR ten wet sponges in the stocks. It was up to the audience to decide - and guess what, they went for the sponges! The court Jester (Andrew) carefully chose ten good children and true, and the sponges were let fly, twice, just for good measure.

Everyone had put a lot of effort into their costumes, and the response from the crowd was excellent.

"A big thank you for all the hard work on Saturday at the church fete. I’ve had lots of positive feedback and we certainly raised the Players’ profile! Well done everyone." (Maggie)