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A Ghost for Dinner - Review

posted 1 Mar 2009, 05:01 by Chilbolton Players   [ updated 1 Mar 2009, 05:02 ]
On 14th/15th March Chilbolton Village Hall became the haunted ‘Heron House’ as Chilbolton Players presented ‘A Ghost for Dinner”, an original murder mystery play written and directed by Andrew Coombes and produced by Richard Richardson.

Set in the haunted house of Sir Caspar (Nigel Munns) and Lady Felicity Ffiennes (Fiona Talbot) the play started with the murder of house guest Piers D’Arcy (Andy Hawke) and followed the reactions of the other house guests as they wait for the Police to arrive.

The audience played the part of a visiting coach party, on a tour of the house to see a famous painting, guided by local TV personality and ‘ghost hunter’ Tiggy Eden (Gilly Walton). However due to the murder, the tour is cut short and the visitors are kept occupied in the dining room, where a superb three course supper (prepared by Julie Connor) was served between each of the four acts of the play. The murder suspects mingled with the audience during the meal giving the audience opportunity to interrogate them and work out whodunit!

The whole play was set in the drawing room of the house which was suitably furnished and the actors made good use of the limited space in the hall.

The costumes & make-up were well chosen and helped to identify each character; the deceased Piers D’Arcy was dressed in a ghostly white dinner suit, dizzy PA Lottie Creasey (Sue Austin) wore top to toe leopard print and the feisty Countessa Georgina Lancia (Jennie Pope) wore tight leather trousers, knee high boots and long red fingernails!

The acting was of a high standard throughout, particularly from Andy Hawke as Piers D’Arcy with his monologues to the audience, Nicky Walker as Angelique D’Arcy - wife of the deceased - for her emotion, and Jon Trickett as Count Marco Lancia – a newcomer to the group, he performed confidently with a convincing Italian accent and mannerisms that were typical of a mafia man!

Julie Conner and Mandy Coombes added comic relief as the Ambulance crew, while Maggie Duffy and Angie Budd added amusement as the bumbling village Police Detectives.

Louise Ellison.