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 A chronological list of postings on our Website.

Miss Glossop Mysteries

posted 7 Feb 2013, 11:42 by admin@chilboltonplayers.co.uk

On 19th and 20 October the Players staged two of Stuart Arden's Miss Glossop plays - Miss Glossop Comes to Tea and Miss Glossop's Weekend Break.

An exercise in mystery and misdirection, Miss Glossop pinned the murderous deed on a hapless victim, hapless because neither of them did it! The real murderers escaped detection from both Miss Glossop and the police, who says crime doesn't pay.

Treasure Island - The Panto

posted 21 Oct 2012, 13:27 by admin@chilboltonplayers.co.uk

On Friday 17th & Saturday 18th February 2012 The Players put on Treasure Island - The Panto by The Phoenix Writers Group (oh yes we did!).
A well written script of a well known tale always helps, and when the cast enjoy performing it as well then you stand a good chance.
The feedback from the audiences for each performance confirmed our hopes, it went down a storm. In fact we have quotes of "that was the best panto the Players have ever done"!

Costa del Packet & Maurice (dancing)

posted 8 Mar 2012, 00:39 by admin@chilboltonplayers.co.uk

On Friday 9th & Saturday 10th September 2011 The Players put on two plays - Costa del Packet by Anthony Booth, and Maurice (dancing) by Michael Snelgrove.
This was a difficult production for us; over the year we had sadly lost Jim Dunn, Mike Keys and Sue Austin. It was, then, a tribute to their support and efforts over the years that we finally performed these plays.

Players BBQ

posted 15 Sept 2011, 12:56 by Chilbolton Players

The Players enjoyed a lovely evening off, socialising rather than performing, at a BBQ - held at the Village Hall.
Sue, Fi, Angie and Sally
This year the number of helpers to put up and and strike the usual tentage on someone's lawn were rather reduced, so we decided to hire the Hall.

Having done so we wondered why we hadn't done it before! With the kitchen to prepare in, patio and lawn for the sun and the hall if it rains, it makes a very good venue.

See you next year!

Not So Grimm Tales

posted 14 Mar 2011, 11:51 by Chilbolton Players

Three one act plays loosely themed around fairy stories:
Sir Saddlesore and the Dragon by the younger members, Fast Forward Joan Smith (or Snow White's Revenge), and Snow (sort of) White
Friday 26th and Saturday 27th November at 7:00 for 7:30pm both evenings plus 2:30pm matinee Saturday

Licensed bar and refreshments from 2:00pm and 7:00pm
Tickets: £6.50 adults, £5.00 under 16

New Committee for 2010 / 2011

posted 4 Aug 2010, 14:26 by Chilbolton Players

Following our AGM on 2nd June 2010, the new committee formally met for the first time on 19th July.
The new committee is as follows:
  • Chairman - Andrew Coombes
  • Vice Chair - Jennie Pope
  • Secretary - Carole Marrits
  • Treasurer - Nigel Munns
  • Membership - Dave Walton
  • Bookings - Richard Richardson
  • Hall Liaison - Wendy Andrews
  • Social - Mandy Coombes and Jennie Pope

The Chalice

posted 4 Aug 2010, 14:11 by Chilbolton Players

The players staged an original whodunnit production by Andrew Coombes entitled "The Chalice" on the 8th, 9th and 10th July 2010.

The Vicar of Chilbolton is about to go to a conference for 10 days. Earlier that day he received a 14C chalice belonging to the church, back from an antiques restorer who has cleaned and repaired it. He is looking forward to time off whilst his charlady gives the Vicarage a good spring clean.

The Parish Council has just come to the end of their meeting, and the Vicar leaves for his conference in a taxi. The other members disperse except for the Secretary, who starts to tidy up. Suddenly the Vicar comes back and says he has mislaid the Char's list. He can't find it, so asks the Secretary to have a look and give it to charlady if she finds it, then leaves. The Secretary has a look, then rings chairman and tells him the Vicar has lost the chalice and what should she do? An easy mistake to make if you are a bit deaf!

The Chairman rings police. They arrive in the shape of DI Samson Parrot and DC Anne Dover, who proceed to question everyone, piecing together what had happened that evening. They get nowhere until a van is spotted in the village that was involved in a robbery and suspected murder in London.

The story takes a twist as an antiques smuggling ring is discovered, based in the village. Just as the police are about to arrest the ringleader, he is murdered.

Now the police have to find the murderer. They round up the rest of the gang, and discover that one of their number was murdered and his wife threatened revenge. The hunt was on.

Wizard of Oz

posted 9 Mar 2010, 14:19 by Chilbolton Players

Chilbolton Players


Wizard of Oz

The classic and much-loved tale of Dorothy's quest to return to Kansas (with the help of Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion) is given a panto spin while keeping the charm and (mostly!) the plot of the original.

Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th February (plus matinee)

at 7:30pm. evenings & 2:30pm matinee

Licensed bar from 7:00, soft drinks from 2:00 on Saturday


Thursday 18th - £5.00
Friday 19th and Saturday 20th
Adults £7.50, children under 16 £5.00

Tickets available from the box office:

Richard Richardson,
Digby Croft Cottage, Winchester Street, Chilbolton
01264 861082
or  The Chilbolton Village Stores & PO

Blythe Spirit

posted 23 Jan 2010, 10:15 by Chalkdell Cottage

Stockbridge Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS)

Next Production is ...

Blythe Spirit

11th, 12th and 13th February

This is one of Coward's all time favourites. The original production ran for 1,997 consecutive performances, and broke box-office records for the run of a West End comedy. Many people will have seen the film starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford.

Note: This will be SADS first performance in the refurbished Stockbridge Town Hall (including a lift and much improved toilets!)


posted 19 Jan 2010, 12:25 by Chilbolton Players

The Players had a great time on Saturday (28/11/09) playing skittles at the Village Hall. Nearly 50 turned up to enjoy a superb chilli prepared by Sue, Angie and Fi, finished off by a whole range of sweets brought along by other group members.

For the first game - 24 a side, 3 goes each - Team A gallantly stepped back and let Team B win (by 34 points - ouch!). This was followed by a game of Killer. This certainly confirmed we have some competitive people! Despite some great bowling, Amy was on a roll and Jolyon showed what determination can do, practice won out and Richard of short mat bowls fame won the tin of chocolates.

It was a great evening, earning it's place on our calendar of social events and enjoyed by all.

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