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Setting up the hall for a meal accompanying a production

posted 15 Mar 2009, 12:02 by Chilbolton Players
  • Decide with director/producer how many tables are needed. Usually10 tables of 8. This is the maximum that we can comfortably get into the hall and still allow the audience to see the production.
  • If there is going to be a bar then 8 tables of 8 is the better option. Usually the bar is in the Durnford Room.
  • Tablecloths – white cotton or linen sheets are best. The Rectory have some, so does Annette Keys. These look much better than paper ones. The Players are currently investigating getting our own supply so that we don’t have to keep asking other people. You will need a couple of small cloths for the tables in the entrance hall i.e. ticket table and the raffle prizes table.
  • It is a good idea to organise a list of people prepared to take home cloths to wash and iron at the end of each performance. Also give a date when they must be returned to you (don’t allow too much time as people tend to forget and leave them for ages). You can then get them back to their owners within the week.
  • Tables should be laid with cutlery and crockery, together with salt and pepper, wine glasses and serviettes. You will need to liaise with catering and/or bar as regards who is organising the glasses. Currently the Rectory has some glasses as has Annette Keys.
  • Check with catering whether special serving spoons, slices etc. are needed for serving and who is going to provide them.
  • Check who is buying the serviettes – it is easier if you do this then you can decide the colour scheme. Usually the serviettes have been placed in the glasses and this gives a smart appearance to the hall as the punters come in.
  • Flower arrangements for each table + one for the entrance hall. Usually done in oasis in coffee jar lids. Maggie has a supply of these.
  • Naked lights are not allowed in the hall but we do have a supply of imitation candles in the Container.
  • The box office/front of house are responsible for the seating plan together with the table numbers, so talk to them and make sure you are both doing the same production!.
  • Always ask people to help – most are quite happy to do so. It is a good idea to lay up the tables for the next evening’s performance immediately after the first performance and it surprising how quickly this can be done. It saves people having to do this the next afternoon.
  • Depending on the food being served you may have to supplement the village hall cutlery with the Players’ own, which is kept in the container.