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The Aztec Trail

 Script as a booklet

 Script, page by page


posters of Aztecs and Mexico on the walls 
details and map of the tour, map of the centre, on the pinboard 
small statue - tall 
small statue - bludgeoning size 
small statue - pocket size 
Aztec artefacts 
two table cloths 
microphone and stand 
pile of DVDs 
files filled with papers, note books and loose papers representing Amelia's diaries and papers 
folding picnic table 
three Hall chairs 
bottle of wine 
wine glasses (4) 
Deirdre's notebook 
plate of food for Katie, knife and fork 
Deirdre's notepad and pen 
mobile for Gina 
conquistador’s pistol 
Village Stores bag 
engagement ring 
Cinda's notebook and pen 
Gina's clipboard and papers 
Sound effects 

Thunder - several different claps 

Hammering on metal (anvil?) 

Electrical "bang" 

Breaking pottery 

Thud - of body falling on floor 

Slap x 2 Gunshot 


Large statue upstage 

Table (small) stage left 

Table (small) stage right 

Screen upstage right and downstage of statue 

Projector downstage left 

Proj. stand 

Pinboard at foot of stage right