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This is a list of all the scripts we have in stock.
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After Magritte Tom Stoppard Samuel French 1971 M3 F2 Farce Short  
A Game of Bridge  Peter Redmond   1988     
Alarm Call Sheila Hodgson Samuel French 1983 F7 Play   
Anyone for Tennis Gwyn Clark Samuel French 1981 M2 F2 Farce Shortish  
A Tomb with a View  Norman Robbins  Samuel French 1978  11 M4 F6 Comedy Thriller    
Bedroom Farce Alan Ayckbourn Samuel French 1977 M4 (young, 60) F4 (young, 50s) Comedy Full length  
Black Chiffon Lesley Storm Doollee 1949  M3 F4 Play / drama   
Blithe Spirit Noel Coward Samuel French 1941 M2 (40, middle age) F5 (young, 45, middle age) Improbable Farce Full length Charles Condomine, whose first wife Elvira has been dead for seven years, has been reasonably happy with his second wife Ruth. After he invites Madame Arcati, a local medium, to conduct a seance at their home, Elvira returns from the dead. Determined to get Charles to herself forever, she arranges several "accidents", one of which culminates in Ruth joining Elvira. Now plagued by two jealous squabbling spirits, Charles bids them both farewell and his two wives are left petulantly tearing the house apart. 
Brave Bugler, or Up The Khyber Pass The Harry Austin  Samuel French   M4 F1 + 1M Comedy  12 Period 1890s 
Cafe Society Ayshe Raif Samuel French 1983 F4 Play 4 short scenes  
Captain Carvallo Cannan Denis  Abe Books 1951 M5 F2 Comedy 3 acts  
Cash on Deliverance  Peter Redmond   1980  Comedy   
Cat Among the Pigeons Duncan Greenwood  1957 M4 F5 Comedy 3 acts  
Cavern The     M2 F3 + others Horror One act  
Cinderella Michael Green Samuel French 2000 M3 F6 or M1 F8 Comey Short Part of Coarse Acting Strikes Back 
Coarse Acting Strikes Back Michael Green Samuel French 2000  Comedy  Four short plays - Trapped; Oedocles, King of Thebes; Pride at Southanger Park; Cinderella,  
Come into the Garden Maude Noel Coward Samuel French 1966 M2 (28, 55) F2 (late 40s, early 50s) Comedy Short For years the affable Verner Conklin has placidly endured his ill-humoured wife, Anna-Mary. When one of her dinner guests falls ill she is left with thirteen at table; she orders Verner to dine in their suite. He has excellent company in Maud Caragnani. When Anna-Mary snappishly tells Verner to go away Verner complies — with Maud. 
Confusions (five interlinked short plays) Alan Ayckbourn Samuel French 1977 11 M3 F2 (minimum cast) Mostly comedy All evening These five short plays deal riotously, but with sharply pointed undertones, with the human dilemma of loneliness; a mother unable to escape from baby talk (Mother Figure), a disastrous fête (Gosforth's Fête), an unsuccessful seduction attempt (Drinking Companion), a fraught dinner encounter (Between Mouthfuls) and the final play, A Talk In The Park, sums up, with five self-immolated characters on park benches. 
Costa Del Packet! Anthony Booth Samuel French 1975 F5 Farce   
Count Ferdinand von Finklestein's Fabulous Freak Show and Circus  Jack Burgess  Lazy Bee Scripts 2007  3  M2 F1 + 2 Comedy 10 - 15  
Double Trouble Michael Brett  1963 M4 F6 Comedy Full length 3 scenes 
Education of Meg The June Harnby Samuel French 1983 M3 F8 Play   
Every Knee Shall Bow Bernard A. Wall   12 speaking, 1 lady, <> 15 tableaux parts Nativity play for young children   
Fish Out Of Water Derek Benfield Samuel French 1956 M4 F5 Comedy Full length Revised version available 
Flesh Game The Rae Shirley  Samuel French 1985  11 M1 F6 Comedy   A comedy for women about slimming 
Forty Winks Beauty Richard Tydeman Samuel French 1956 M5 F7 Panto Mini panto Needs updating 
Full Treatment, The Michael Brett  1967 M5 F6 Comedy 3 acts  
Good/Sauce for the Goose  Peter Redmond    7 + 5 Farce   
Green Eye of the Little Yellow Dog The Harry Austin  Samuel French   M6 F1 Comedy 20 Period 1882 (late Victorian) 
Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton The Thornton Wilder Samuel French 1931 M3 F3 Play   
Hobson's Choice Harold Brighouse Samuel French 1916 / 1943 M7 (26, 30, 50s, elderly) F5 (20s, elderly) Comedy Full length  
Husbands Supplied Falkland Gary  1939 M1 F7 Comedy Short 1 act 
If You'll be Glad, I'll Be Frank Tom Stoppard Samuel French 1969 M7 F5 Light Short Open stage 
Incredible Vanishing, The Denise Coffey Abe Books 1973 M8 F2   A play for young people 
Joining the Club  David Tristram  Samuel French   M1 F1 Comedy   Flying Ducks Production  
Kind Cousin Janet Allen  1954 M2 F5 Play 2 acts  
Last of the Brylcream Boys Paul Gator New Playwrights Network  F3 + 2 Comedy One Act  
Last Tango in Little Grimley  David Tristram  Samuel French  M2 F2 Comedy   Flying Ducks Production 
Lighthouse Keepers Daughter  Muriel & Richard Eldridge Samuel French  1  M3 F2 + 1 Comedy  Only the Narrator speaks, the other actors mime. 
Little Lights of Kimberley The Harry Austin  Samuel French   M4 F1 Comedy 16 Period 1882 (late Victorian)  
Little Red Whittington Richard Tydeman Abe Books 1960 M2 F2 + 6 a crazy mixed-up pantomime of a minidrama Short  
Looking for Rosy  Leonard Morely  NewPlayrights Network 1980  Comedy   Out of print? 
Love by Appointment Anthony Lesser Doollee 1965 M4 F5 Comedy   
Mantrap  Paul Reakes  Samuel French 1985  M3 F2 Thriller    
Maria Marten, or Murder in the Red Barn  Constance Cox Samuel French  M5 F9 Melodrama Short Length Period Victorian 
Maurice (Dancing)  Michael Snelgrove  Samuel French 1983  10 16+ Comedy    
Murder at Worthy Towers  Wendy Gomm       Out of print 
Music Hall Miscellany edited by Michael Kilgarriff Samuel French 1977  Comedy  Four riotous routines :- The Molecatcher, Who will man the lifeboat, The tram track tragedy, The master and the maid. 
Neck of the Woods Paul Gater A  M2 F1 Comedy One Act  
Nellie's Nightlights  Harry Austin  Samuel French   M4 F3 Comedy  42 Period 1902 
Noble Spaniard, The W. Somerset Maugham Abe Books 1909 M4 F5 Farce 3 acts An amusing farce as an impetuous wooer challenges all and sundry to duels of honour. Romantic and charming, this play carries us back to the days of crinolines and velvet collars. 
None The Wiser  Anthony Booth  Samuel French 1970  Comedy   Out of print? 
Oedocles, King of Thebes Michael Green Samuel French 2000 M2 F6 or M4 F4 Comedy Short Part of Coarse Acting Strikes Back 
Paper Chain, The Falkland L. Cary & Ivan Butler Abe Books 1953 M3 F6 Drama 3 acts  
Plaza Suite Neil Simon Samuel French 1969 M3/2/2 F1/2 Comedy 3 acts The comedy consists of three separate plays all occurring in the same hotel suite, and all parts can be played by separate artists. In the first play, Visitor from Marmoneck, a middle-aged couple re-visit the hotel room of their honeymoon –but the arrangement does not end as romantically as might have been expected. Visitor from Hollywood recounts the meeting of two old flames and what can happen under the influence of repeating magic Hollywood names. The last play, Visitor from Forest Hills, tells of a mother and father and their daughter who has locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out for her wedding. 
Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner, The David Wood Samuel French 1972 M6 F4 Play Full length A musical play or children. The insects in the garden are overshadowed by humans – the Big Ones. Infuriated by constant 'spraying', Slug, Greenfly and Maggot call for rebellion and ruination of the garden. The others oppose this, and war is declared. The garden goes to ruin, and the Big Ones decide to build a garage on it. The insects combine forces to restore the garden to its original beauty and thus preserve their home. 
Pride At Southanger Park Rupert Bean Samuel French 2000 M5 F4 Comedy Short Part of Coarse Acting Strikes Back 
Rhyming Christmas Carol  Richard Coleman  Lazy Bee Scripts 2004  4  M4 F3 + 6 Panto 15  
Rose King of Gisors The Neil Fetton New Playwrights Network  M2 F5 Comedy  Period 1880 
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Tom Stoppard Samuel French 1967 M14 F2 Comedy Full length  
Round and Round the Garden Alan Ayckbourn Samuel French 1975 M3 F3 Play Full length Third play in the Norman Conquests trilogy 
Sailor Beware Philip King and Falkland Cary Samuel French 1955 M4 F5 Comedy Full length  
Shadows of the Evening Noel Coward Samuel French 1966 M2 (28, 50s) F2 (45, 50) Play Short  
Spring and Port Wine Bill Naughton  1958 M4 (18, 23, 30, 50) F4 (19, 25, middle age, 47) Comedy Full length  
Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded  Winifred Phelps  Samuel French 1960 M2 F3 Melodrama   
The Recco Falkland L Cary  1953 M2 F3 Suspense One act  
There's No Business …  Derek Lomas  Evans Brothers 1968  18 Comedy   Out of print? 
This Village I know Tom Piggott Samuel French  F6 + 1 Play  A play for women 
Tinder Box The Hans Christian Andersen     14+   Adapted by Mary Howarth and Peter Redmond  
Too Soon for Daiseys William Dinner and William Morum Abe Books 1964 M5 F3 Comedy Thriller 2 acts  
Trapped Michael Green Samuel French 2000 M3 F6 Comedy Short Part of Coarse Acting Strikes Back 
Virtuous Burglar The Darious Fo Samuel French M4 F3 M4 F3 Comedy Short, 1 act One of several plays in Dario Fo, Plays:1 
Waiting for Gillian Ronald Millar Doollee 1954 M5 F4 Play Full length  
When the Old Cock Crows Joe Corrie Abe Books 1948 M2 F3 A Rural Comedy One act Very dated. 
Wimbledon Fortnight  Patricia A May  NewPlayrights Network  Comedy   Out of Print? 
Showing 75 items