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The group shall be known as "The Chilbolton Players".


To maintain a drama group complrised of volunteers of all ages.

To plan, prepare and carry out public drama performances within the local communities of Chilbolton and Wherwell.

To promote the work of the group locally and to seek to recruit new members.

To support through donations local community facilities.


To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions of cash or kind which will aid in the furtherance of the group's objectives.

To appoint and constitute such advisory committees as the group may think fit.

To cooperate with other groups, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities in furtherance of the objectives and to exchange information and advice with them.

To do all such lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the objectives.


Membership of the group shall be open to any person interested in the objectives of the group. A reduced membership fee shall be charged to each junior member under 16 years of age.

Every member aged 16 and over shall have one vote.

The Executive Committee may by unanimous vote and for good reason terminate membership of any individual, providing that the individual has a right to be heard by the Executive Committee before a final decision is reached.

'Friends of Chilbolton Players' may join on payment of an annual sum - to be decided by the committee - and their status as 'Friends' will give them one weeks preferential access to the box office for any production.

Honorary Officers

The membership will elect a Chairman and an Executive Committee - of 9 members (ideally including one junior member) at the Annual Meeting. The executive Committee will in turn appoint an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer either from within the committee membership or by co-option.

A minimum of 5 committee members shall form a quorum.

The Committee shall meet as required, but ideally no less than four times a year. Special meetings can be called at any time by a minimum of 5 members provided that at least 7 days notice is given to all members of matters to be discussed.

Decisions will be determined by a majority of votes with the Chair to have a casting vote should there be a tied vote.

The Committee may appoint sub-committees comprising of members for agreed special projects. These sub-committees may co-opt other assistance. They will report back to the Executive Committee from whom they draw delegated powers.

The Committee shall keep minutes of all meetings.

The Executive Committee shall organise an Annual General Meeting of the group during either March or April each year.


The financial year shall end on 31st December each year. The Treasurer will present the accounts to the Annual Meeting.

The Players' accounts shall be checked and approved by an independent examiner before presenation to the Annual Meeting. The independent examiner will be appointed by the Annual Meeting.